Shipping Container Sales: Here’s What You Need To Know

November 12, 2020

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Having a designated storage facility is essential for many growing families. The more time flies, the more space you need to store important but non-everyday items such as outdoor equipment, toys, tools, and holiday decorations.

If you try to store these items in your home or garage, it becomes impossible to keep everything organised and find the things you need every day – let alone create an inviting space for guests!

Having a clean and organised living space is necessary, especially if you work from home and don’t want to be confined to the kitchen table while everyone is around. Without a proper storage facility, the ‘home office’ and spare room are the first to become full to the brim with stuff that shouldn’t be there.

Luckily, there are affordable and convenient resolutions out there. Looking at shipping container sales could be the solution you need to provide you with the freedom and space to have a secure storage facility – and a comfortable, functional home.

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Storage Container

1. Easy Accessibility To Your Stuff

Imagine the luxury of storing your belongings close by without them taking over your living space! With a shipping container at your home, you can save time and money.

Here’s why:

Australians spend a ridiculous amount of money every month on external storage outside their property. Storage options range from $100 to over $1000 per month in New South Wales.

But, by choosing to shop around for shipping container sales instead, you only need to make one purchase to get a dedicated storage facility that is your personal property.

Because your shipping container is stored on your property, you save considerable time and effort driving to an external storage facility and looking for your items. Everything you need is neatly packed away in your own shipping container, conveniently located on your property but separate from your living space.

Buying a shipping container for storage also creates a much easier process for renovating or moving house: Instead of keeping your furniture inside during renovations and risking damage, or forking out the money for a removalist company to collect and store your belongings elsewhere, you can just use your shipping container for temporary furniture removal and storage. As soon as renovations are complete, you can put everything back in your own time.

Too many people don’t know what to do before moving home and wait until moving day to find out that their furniture and belongings don’t fit in the shipping container they ordered. Having a shipping container on your property allows you to plan ahead and make sure all your belongings fit nearly inside your own ready-to-go container.

2. Strong Security Over Your Stored Belongings

With 20.3% of Australian homes experiencing a break-in between 2018 and 2019, security should be the number one priority of anyone looking to store their belongings.

Although external storage facilities have tight security regulations, homeowners tend to feel more peace of mind when they have their items stored safely on their property – where they can alter or increase the level of security at any time.

Once you’ve found a shipping container for sale that suits your needs, you can implement a number of security measures:

  • Motion detector lights

  • CCTV

  • Alarm systems

  • Extra locks and chains

Having secure storage for your items also means minimising the chances of your belongings getting damaged – or even lost.

External storage at a commercial facility, or packing your belongings tightly in a cupboard or small room, increases the risk that they’ll break, become worn, or get lost altogether.

We’ve provided a thorough guide about packing your fragile items to help you minimise the risk of breaking or damaging important belongings during storage or removals for moving house. Save unnecessary costs by storing your items safely and smartly.

Another factor influencing the safe and secure storage of your items is environmental conditions. No matter how well you store your things, leaving them in a damp garage or a shed that’s affected by the elements will increase the risk of mould and rot.

Our shipping containers are made of tough and durable steel, which has the advantage of surviving through harsh weather conditions and relocations.

The durability of a storage container allows them to stack up to 9 storeys high. With proper care, shipping containers can last 25+ years. Some maintenance includes cleaning off dirt and dust, storing only dry goods, replacing the rubber seals, and lubricating the door handles.

There are ways to slow down rusting by using zinc that consists of 90% dry zinc powder.

3. Customizable And Creative Storage Space

Do you need a studio for your artistic projects? Are you seeking a clean slate to design a modern office space, or even a tiny home?

A shipping container can be the perfect creative outlet for those looking to push the envelope and design their own cost-effective work or living space. A browse of Pinterest might have you inspired enough to ditch the real estate auction and browse the shipping container sales for your next home.

With the exponential increase in the tiny home market, the more eco-conscious, space-saving, and creative buyers are looking to shipping container sales. Shipping container homes last 25+ years with proper care, so buying from a reputable provider is the best way to ensure the best starting point for your project.

Shipping containers are great conductors of heat and are easy to cool during hot weather seasons. A quick tip is to pick a more massive than the necessary roof and shade up your windows.

Shipping containers are easily customisable to suit your needs: schools that need new classrooms, or companies who are looking to make posh portable toilets. With that said, it’s important to do your homework and understand Australia’s guidelines around shipping containers before getting started.

4. Versatile Storage Space That Adapts To Your Needs

The versatility of shipping containers makes them the perfect tool for residential and commercial customers.

With the rise of shipping container sales, homeowners are soon learning the many uses of a shipping container:

  • Granny flat

  • Playroom

  • Boat & outdoor equipment storage

  • Home office

  • Storage for renovations

  • Temporary storage before move-in

  • Temporary accommodation Storage containers also come in handy for establishments and commercial businesses. Hotels need storage for extra chairs, tables, and other furniture while an office may need a storage unit close by to store additional files and overflowing paperwork.

Shipping containers have also been used for:

  • Ticket kiosks

  • Outdoor stage

  • Restaurant

  • Offices

  • Galleries

  • Showrooms

  • Shops

For anyone who can think outside the box, shipping container sales become the perfect solution to evolving project requirements and immediate needs.

5. Most Efficient Way Of Moving

If you’re moving house, shipping containers are highly efficient for 3 key reasons:

  • You can order them in advance to make sure your belongings fit. This reduces the risk of damage due to poorly-packed items and it means you won’t have to pay for additional space at the last minute.

  • If you’re building a new home on a block of land, you can keep your belongings in the shipping container until the new build is ready. Delays are common with new build projects, so you don’t wait to be caught out with no place to store your belongings once you’ve moved out. Owning a shipping container for storage gives you the flexibility to keep your items secure until your new home is ready.

  • Keep your shipping container for other useful purposes long after moving day. If you choose to buy a shipping container for your move, you’ve invested in many other valuable uses for your container after it’s been used to relocate your belongings. The possibilities are endless.

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost In Australia?

We’ve put together a shipping container sales guide for you along with some helpful government information that you need to know about region rules for shipping container sales.

Shipping Container Sales in NSW

As of recently, the New South Wales Court of Land and Environment has declared shipping containers as “buildings”. What this means for you is that the government now requires you to obtain a certificate for construction and developmental approval.

Your location and placement must be considered. Make sure you have proper approval before having your shipping container delivered.

Shipping Container Sale Victoria

Obtaining a shipping container in Victoria can be a little tricky, depending on where you are. We advise you to get proper advice and support from the council in your region. In parts of Victoria, you are required to have a permit before placing the container on your private residential land.

In places like South Gippsland, it is not permitted to have a shipping container in residential areas.

Shipping Container Sales Brisbane

Best Practices For Finding The Best Shipping Container

If you’ve decided to buy a shipping container, and you’re browsing shipping container sales online or looking for local providers, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are several tips to help you find the perfect shipping container for your needs:

  1. Know the short and long-term purpose of your shipping container

  2. Consider the size of the shipping container that is best for your needs

  3. Decide to buy a brand new shipping container or a secondhand one

  4. Thoroughly inspect your container in-person before purchasing

  5. Ask for its age and (if relevant) its history (what it’s been used for, where it’s traveled to, etc.)

  6. Check the internal and external mechanisms of your shipping container

  7. Start planning any necessary modifications or refurbishments you require

Be mindful of the following council requirements of shipping containers:

Developmental Permit (Logan Planning Scheme 2015) is a requirement for the local environment and residential amenity impacts.

Building Approval (Building Act, 1975) is the requirement for structural integrity and secure anchorage of the container.

Suppose you are planning to store your shipping container on Council land, such as a footpath. You have a maximum of 14 days. Keep in mind; applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Council will not approve of shipping containers to be placed over concrete pathways or on the roadway. This law is to ensure the safety of pedestrians and commercial traffic.

If you are looking to dispose of your shipping container, you can organise a professional scrappage company to remove it. Another option is to sell it to a metal scrap dealer.

We Are Here To Answer Further Questions

There’s a lot of information to consider when purchasing a storage container, but shipping containers are an excellent option for anyone looking for long-term storage, easy removals, or even a new creative project.

If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable supplier in Australia.

We’re a knowledgeable and professional provider of shipping containers and all related storage and removal needs. If you’re looking for a shipping container, or would like some helpful advice about purchasing one, give us a call today!