Frontline removalist storage


Shipping containers: our groundbreaking solution

At Frontline Removals, we recognise the need for reliable, secure, and affordable furniture storage options. We understand that searching for a storage provider can be a bit of a worry. Your belongings are special to you, and we get that!

That’s why we make it our mission to store your effects in a secure area. With high industry standards, professionalism and 24 hour surveillance, your belongings are safe with us.

Short or long-term, our top-quality, storage containers safeguard your belongings from unpredictable weather elements, theft and damage from vermin.

Why store with us?

A safe, monitored option:

It is our utmost goal to provide you with peace of mind; knowing that your personal effects are in good hands.

Guaranteeing you 24 hour video surveillance and round-the-clock security patrols, our team keep all storage containers and their contents safe.

A flexible storage solution:

Our furniture storage solutions are flexible to your situational needs.

You might be relocating, but wish to store your items for a little while longer, in between homes or offices. Or perhaps you’re heading overseas and need to leave some things behind? Whatever it is, we cater to a wide variety of storage needs.

A tailored-to-time option:

Our storage container solutions and facilities make for a versatile option. Both in terms of contents, but also time.

We can secure your belongings for any given length of time — from one week to ten years, so be it! Just liaise with us on a pay-per-month scheme and we’ll tailor your storage preferences.