Managing Infection control IN our WORKPLACE

With an increasing focus on infection control in the workplace, it is important that as a company we are aware of our employment health and safety responsibilities and the responsibilities we must have to our clients.

Workplace Vaccination Obligations Currently, there are no legislative or regulatory requirements for an employer to mandate vaccinations in the workplace in most circumstances. However, State and Territory regulations may require employees undertaking duties in specific industries to receive specific up-to-date vaccinations.

Employers have a health and safety duty to, as far as reasonably practicable, reduce the risk of a hazard occurring in the workplace. Therefore, employers must consider what control measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of the spread of infectious diseases (eg COVID-19, Influenza, Hepatitis) in the workplace. This may include implementing an immunisation program encouraging, or in some circumstances requiring, employees to get vaccinated.

Encouraging our workers to receive vaccinations, delivered through an immunisation program, may be an effective control measure to reduce the likelihood of infection and its spread throughout the workplace, However, other control measures are still required to adequately meet our health and safety obligations.

Currently we are testing our employees every 3 days and Control measures such as providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and practicing hand hygiene. As per our outcome of our risk assessment.

We also Keep records of employees who have been tested against COVID-19 and their results and all record keeping of our vaccinated employees against diseases. Along with other control measures implemented to reduce the risk of infection spread, subject to privacy obligations.

Directing an employee to get a vaccinate is a grey area and depends on many factors. It is subject to change with evolving government guidance and Fair Work Commission cases in this area. Generally, you can give ‘lawful and reasonable’ directions to employees, which we must follow.

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