Coffs Harbour Bypass: We Can Help You Get There

January 18, 2021

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Have you heard the news?

The long-awaited Coffs Harbour Bypass is due to be underway very soon, bringing a host of benefits and significant economic recovery to the region.

After years of planning, the Australian Government and New South Wales Government are almost ready to put shovels in the ground for the $1.5billion investment in local infrastructure.

As well as creating thousands of jobs, the Coffs Harbour Bypass will:

  • Enhance the Coffs Harbour CBD by reducing traffic
  • Dramatically reduce congestion so people can get home to their families more quickly
  • Improve safety for all road users
  • Provide widespread economic benefits for local businesses in Coffs Harbour

At Frontline Removals, we’re excited to see this project commence and stimulate the local economy. We thought we’d dive into the significant benefits of the Coffs Harbour Bypass and how we can help facilitate your relocation as a result of this project.

Why We’re Excited About The Coffs Harbour Bypass

1. What It Means For Jobs

For starters, the Coffs Harbour Bypass is an opportunity to create thousands of jobs for Australians after 2020 brought significant hardship to many. For the whole cycle of this four-year project, 12,000 job openings will open up.

With the Coffs Harbour Bypass creating more of an opportunity for people to visit from the major cities, the project will stimulate local tourism and provide an opportunity for businesses to recover and grow following a tough year.

Coffs Harbour is known for The Big Banana Fun Park and the abundance of wildlife, birds, and seasonal whales. Not to mention the beautiful coral and beaches that stretch along the North Coast of New South Wales.

2. Greater Connections

The Coffs Harbour Bypass will be a four-lane divided highway connecting the major cities; Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

This brings us closer to the Future Transport Strategy 2056 with this significant Pacific Highway upgrade.

Connectivity in regional New South Wales and Greater Sydney is a long-term vision built on six outcomes; customer-focused, successful places, more robust economy, safety and performance, accessible services, and sustainability.

Customer service is enhanced through technology and personalised interactions and connections. The economy and standard of living for communities will be raised through transport, encouraging people to walk and cycle with better transportation options and links between cities.

Employment and housing offered in towns will continue to attract domestic and international visitors. ### 3. Increase In Safety

The Coffs Harbour Bypass is a Critical State Significant Infrastructure, which means that careful planning and considerations have been taken to ensure the project brings improved safety for our communities.

By taking freight trucks and out-of-town traffic off local streets, all residents (particularly children and the elderly) can enjoy the town of Coffs Harbour safely. With less congestion, car accidents in the area should be significantly reduced.

The Coffs Harbour Bypass provides safe, secure, and consistent travel to and from New South Wales.

4. Community Involvement

Because of the significant impact, this project will have on communities surrounding the Coffs Harbour Bypass, the NSW and Australian Government has consulted with local authorities and residents throughout the planning process.

The Community Consultative Committee (CCC) is set in place to create a line of communication between the Roads and Maritime Services and the local council, stakeholder groups, and of course, representatives of the Coffs Harbour community.

If you’d like to keep up to date with these discussions, you can read the minutes from recent meetings and submit your queries and concerns regarding the project. Government authorities are reaching out to the community for any feedback on the design refinements.

In the meantime, preparations have started for early work while ensuring emergency services such as fire departments are still easily accessible and uninterrupted services provided for the communities.

5. Your Commute Time

The Coffs Harbour Bypass will be a 14 km long, four-lane highway, which saves a significant amount of travel time for the local and through traffic.

The bypass will run from Coffs Harbour urban area on England Road, South, to Sapphire in the North. You are saving a total of 11 minutes on your commute so that you can get home to your loved ones after work much quicker!

This project creates an opportunity for improved freight efficiency, not to mention taking these large trucks off the small town, local streets and opening up the Coffs Harbour CBD for local and pedestrian traffic.

Your commute will now be straightforward, avoiding exactly 12 traffic lights on your journey.

The Coffs Harbour Bypass will remove thousands of vehicles from the road from the Coffs Harbour town centre, with more efficient public transportation and easily accessible bus stops in place.

Moving To Or Storing At Coffs Harbour?

Why Choose Frontline Removals

At Frontline, we’re excited about the significant benefits that this infrastructural investment will bring to New South Wales. Our company is proud to have served our community for over 20 years, so we see this project as a massive opportunity for growth and development for everyone.

As a result of the job creation and economic growth brought by the Coffs Harbour Bypass, there will no doubt be thousands of Australians seeking:

  • Removal services as they relocate to Coffs Harbour
  • Storage services as their business grows in Coffs Harbour
  • Delivery services as they take advantage of more excellent connectivity brought by the Coffs Harbour Bypass

Frontline is a trusted, family-owned business providing regional and interstate services.

Whether you need removalists in South West Rocks, Kempsey, Port Macuarie, or Coffs Harbour, we’re dedicated to providing the most reliable, secure, and helpful support to those looking to take advantage of the Coffs Harbour Bypass.

How Frontline Can Help You

Our complete knowledge of surrounding areas and streets makes us a valuable partner for customers who are new to the region. We can help you find the best solution for your residential and commercial needs such as:

If you are planning a big move or perhaps looking forward to opening a business in the Coffs Harbour CBD, we can help you out.

The Coffs Harbour Bypass gives our company the advantage of being easily accessible to you for storage, moving, and shipping container needs. This makes us the perfect family-owned business to help you get settled in your new community.

When You Are New To The Community

We know it can be overwhelming dealing with moving from a large city to a small town, or vice versa. Since we know the area like the back of our hand, let us do the heavy lifting and moving for you, literally.

Coffs Harbour is a gorgeous area that will finally be easily accessible to many to explore the Coffs Harbour Marina, the Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve and more. Creating opportunities for pop-up coffee shops, food stands, and more.

This is where we come in, helping you get settled in with your new home, providing easily accessible storage and removalist services.

Our team of experts can also guide you in choosing the right storage option for you. Whether you are looking for something onsite, or are interested in purchasing a shipping container for your next home, DIY project, and storage facility.

We can also provide advice about:

  • Packing fragile items
  • Storing away furniture
  • Insulating your container
  • Weather proofing your container
  • Shipping container maintenance

Frontline is a trusted family-owned Port Macquarie removalists business that is here to help you get started in the Coffs Harbour community when it comes to all things moving and storage.

With reduced commute times and easy access to highways, the bypass provides us with better and safer relocation for your storage, business, and home – giving you a more efficient and stress-free experience.

We Are Excited To Grow Together

We look forward to serving newcomers to our vibrant community by providing a stress-free solution to your relocation services.

The Coffs Harbour Bypass is opening doors for employment, economic growth, connection, and safety in our community, and we, as a family-owned business, are excited to be part of this change.

Are you planning a big move or merely needing a safe and trusted storage facility for your belongings? Our friendly staff is ready to answer any question you may have.

Call today to schedule ahead of time for your next big project, so we can get you moving.