Frontline removalist crew loading materials in trailer truck


Daunted by your move? We have the moving solution you need

New South Wales furniture removal specialists

For over 29 years, we’ve been Australia’s trusted furniture removal and relocation company. Stationed in Australia’s mid-North Coast, we operate regular runs for clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and along the coast.

Versatile removalist services for small and large-scale moves

Whether you’re a business relocating offices, or a family of 5 moving to your dream home, our moving services will meet your needs with versatility and flexibility.

Our team will help you pack up your belongings, hit the road, and settle into your new home or office.

Ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience

At Frontline Removals, we’re dedicated to minimising customer stress by providing reliable, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Our moving services are tailored to you.

Our powerful team of professionals uphold company values that ensure a comfortable relocating experience and peace of mind.

What makes our
services unique?

Purpose-built shipping containers

In addition to the traditional truck and trailer; unlike any other moving company in Australia, we pack and ship your belongings in purpose-built containers.

But why? When we came into business, we recognised a gap in the industry where customers were left stranded between moving and storing their belongings.

With Frontline, you no longer need to seek two separate services for relocation and storage — our shipping container solutions bridge the gap.

Cautious, professional handling

Tightly securing your furniture and effects, we use purpose-designed blankets, padding and plastic covers to protect your belongings.

We ensure every furniture removal load is secure before we start the journey to your new home or office. With Frontline Removals, your effects are safe.

Tailored, flexible shipping options

When it comes to moving, we understand that everyone's timeline is different. We work with you to set up a timeline you’re comfortable with.

The way we ship makes your move simple and flexible:

  • Need extra time packing up? Let us know when you’re ready.
  • Still setting up your new home? Keep the container as long as you need.

With frontline
removals, there
are no limitations

At Frontline, we’re pioneering the relocation industry with professional shipping container removalist services. 27 years in, and we’re just as flexible and reliable as we were from the beginning.

With our expertise, our moving services are limitless:

  • Packing up a large-scale office? Give us a call!
  • Moving a 6 bedroom home? No problem!

We’re versatile. We’re fast. Shipping is our speciality. Talk to us