Why Interstate Motorbike and Car Transport Is Easier Than You Think

October 07, 2020

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Why Interstate Motorbike and Car Transport Is Easier Than You Think

Since you decided to take the plunge and move interstate, you’ve been looking ahead to all the things you’ll be able to embrace and achieve in the future.

You’ve been thinking on this for a good while now, and you are starting to feel like you’ve got it all covered and everything is going according to plan.

And then, that little voice pops up.

You know the one. That little guy that gives you the feeling that you’ve missed something - a nagging question in the back of your mind that reminds and prods you into thinking “Have I overlooked something crucial?“

You try to move it out of your mind, putting it down to the stress of moving, then it hits home — the bike.

The bike!

“Exactly how am I going to get my pride and joy custom-built V Twin across a 30-hour expanse of endless miles (without undue wear and tear), let alone find the time to make the journey?“

The fact is, unless you like the idea of a week-long, long-haul road trip (and all the accompanying aches and pains that you might expect to come with it) you’re probably going to need the services of an interstate motorbike and car transport company.

The Main Benefits of Interstate Car and Motorbike Transport

Anyone looking at the possibilities and options for finding the best interstate transportation soon comes to discover that the use of containers takes a large proportion of the ‘sting’ out of the journey, virtually eliminating any requirement for the bike’s wheels to even turn.

When relocating any items, least of all a bike or a car, having your goods packed up in a container that has all been pre-organised for you allows you to store and ship your belongings in a streamlined way and takes a lot of the headache out of any relocation process.

Anyone who has ever tried to plan a trip or make their own arrangements for moving and relocating any mind of goods knows the deal. Those who have had their prized possessions shipped across expansive ranges of miles without any major hiccups will verify this, especially those trips that potentially call for 30 hours of driving.

Aside from the obvious fact that you won’t need to drive or ride all the way across the country yourself, there are a few serious benefits to interstate vehicle transportation.

Let’s take a look.

The Three Main Benefits Of Interstate Car Transport

Benefit of Interstate Car Transport #1. No Mileage

The fact that the vehicle is enclosed within the safe confines of the container adds maximum efficiency to the relocation experience.

Of course, vehicles are made to drive (or ride), and there’s a dirty old saying that likens not riding your bike for the sake of keeping the mileage low to not engaging in particular activities with one’s partner.

With bikes in particular though, higher mileage means a huge drop in value and a huge leap in maintenance costs, so you’d probably rather keep the riding to times when you’re out for fun, not for the purpose of relocation.

Benefit of Interstate Car Transport #2. Keep Your Vehicle Damage Free

Apart from the obvious lack of wear and tear on the vehicle by not having it make the road journey, there is also minimal chance of any other damage that may be likely to occur were you riding or driving the vehicle yourself (think stone chips and potential accidents).

High-quality storage boxes are used along with packing materials specifically designed for the protecting belongings during long-haul transport.

The meticulous planning and systematic approach involved in this procedure ensures that your prized vehicles, whether they be of the two or four-wheeled variety, are stored, transported and delivered without any damage.

Why worry about paint chips, wear & tear on rubber and engine parts over long distances when your prized vehicle can travel huge distances without the need to turn a wheel?

Benefit of Interstate Car Transport #3. The Safety & Security of Your Motorcycle Is Ensured

At this point you’re probably thinking: “Yeah, sure, but couldn’t something happen to my bike or car during the move? Last time I moved house I came out with about 10 dings in my dining room table.“

The short answer is that interstate motorbike and car transporters are highly-skilled and professionally trained to ensure your vehicle is kept safe and sound.

The long answer (how it all works), is coming a little further down.

The motorcycle interstate transportation procedure is relatively straightforward once the operators have possession of your vehicle, which remains secure throughout the whole transportation process.

It is taken onto a secure container where the relative space required for the transportation has already been arranged by the company doing the relocation.

Remember that you need not be stressed as your bike will be totally safe. The bike is inspected before being loaded, and a condition report is carried out on every motorcycle at pickup and delivery.

Transporting Motorbikes Interstate & Keeping Them Safe

Each motorbike is individually secured and treated with care, by specialists who ensure that there are no hitches in getting the vehicle moved to where it needs to be.

Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft, nylon webbing straps that are specifically designed for bikes only.

The vehicle is strapped down securely to eliminate the requirement for crates or dusty packaging that may scratch or damage paintwork or such like.

Industrial strength soft side curtains are used to fully enclose the truck. Sufficient space is left between bikes to walk through. The bike is secured with ratchet straps on the front axle and rear axles or swing arm depending on the type of bike.

Should something go wrong in transit (things happen from time to time), your motorbike is fully insured when working with a quality and professional removalist like Frontline Removals.

All of our drivers are trained in how to correctly and safely handle motorcycles.


How Do I Go About Organising Interstate Motorbike Transport?

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start when you are considering something as time-consuming and stressful as relocating, which of course means relocation for vehicles, too.

The fact is, unless anyone you are in the business of personally streamlining shipping services, you are probably under the impression that relocating a vehicle can be quite a daunting process.

Unsurprisingly, you don’t much fancy the 30-hour bike ride across endless winding roads – much less have the actual time to put aside for it yourself. It will take forever.

Scheduling that in might be tricky, to say the least. You’ve got enough to think about already and quite frankly, you don’t know where you are going to start with all of this.

The truth is, you don’t have to bother about any of it after just a few, simple steps.

You let someone else do all of that for you.

You can forget the need to spend endless hours planning the vehicle’s relocation, as in terms of organisation it can be simpler than the packing, sorting, storing and shipping of other vital and essential belongings like clothes, furniture and appliances.

Sometimes you just need an experienced interstate removal specialist on hand.

If you are looking to relocate and need your motorbike transported, you will find that most quality removal services also relocate all kinds of vehicles including motorbikes and cars – and, realistically speaking, they are likely to know a lot more about the right ways of going about it than you do.

How The Best Interstate Car Transport Companies Work

One of the things that makes the bike’s relocation so hassle-free and reliable is the fact that the whole process is ’end-to-end’.

This basically means that a door-to-door service is involved, whereby a team proficient and experienced in packing, handling and unpacking such goods will collect the vehicle from you.

Bookings are usually taken at first instance when the need to move the distance has been identified, quantified, and arranged accordingly. In terms of the actual transport, all your motorbike’s needs should be taken care of by a professional company.

What’s more, if you’re working with an interstate removalist like Frontline Removals, they’ll probably already be transporting your furniture and packed boxes, ensuring it all arrives at the same time.

Aside from the time, you should also know where your bike will be delivered. Working with an established well-known interstate car transporter will ensure your vehicle arrives not only at the right time, but in the right place!

The whole process of having your bikes transferred interstate is a relatively easy procedure. Without worrying about any complications, you’ll have your bike in no time.

Choose the right motorbike movers by comparisons of not only prices, but also services, security, and assurances, and make sure all the relevant details are included at the time of making the booking. Pay particular attention to the details related to the date, time, and location of the delivery.

Your Next Steps For Organising Interstate Car Transport Australia

In short, the move involves a simple and quick process.

  • Get a quote based on your interstate bike transport requirement
  • Decide on the most feasible and affordable transport solution from the chosen operator
  • Book by phone or internet, providing all relevant details of pickup and delivery, including 3rd party information that will be confirmed by the operator
  • Schedule a pick up at your convenience
  • Receive confirmation including detailed information related to relocation of vehicle
  • Get your bike transferred to your desired location within the set time frame
  • Receive the bike in the same condition in which you handed over to our team

Interstate Car Transport Costs

The main things to be aware of with any kind of interstate transportation requirement is the size and weight of the goods involved within the shipment, as well as the distances and the timescales involved.

There are also three main factors to take into consideration when looking at the cost of interstate transportation.


It is no surprise that distance plays a major role in the cost to ship your vehicle.

Anyone who has done just a few mileage calculations is likely to have figured that the further the distance the vehicle is to be transported, the higher the car transport cost.

Typically in Australia, the cost for transporting within the same metropolitan area is likely to be somewhere in the region of $120, whereas for longer distances like regional areas or for interstate vehicle relocation, the cost might be calculated using cents per kilometre, which is usually less than 40.

Obviously, it depends on the removalist you choose.

Pickup And Delivery Locations

Not the main issue, but still a major factor, is whether or not the pickup and drop-off destination points are on commonly-travelled routes or in harder to reach, more remote areas somewhere a bit more off the beaten track.

Obviously this can impact the overall price of vehicle transport, and if you’re living in or moving to somewhere way out in the bush, then you can expect to pay a little more.

Prices Of Different Services Vary

Booking a depot-to-depot option is obviously going to work out quite a bit cheaper than a door-to-door service offered by an interstate removalist.

Having said that, some depots operate vehicle storage fees that accumulate each day the vehicle is kept in the depot yard, which needs to be taken into consideration.

And there’s the fact that a depot may be hundreds of kilometres away from you, which will obviously add travel costs for you to get to the closest depot.

So all of these factors need to be taken into consideration before booking the best pickup option.

We might be a little biased, but we’d recommend working with a quality removalist rather than booking interstate transport yourself. It’s not only safer, it’s also way easier, especially if you’re already getting them to perform the move!


So, do you feel like you have everything covered? Is it time to book your interstate motorbike or car transport?

Shifting interstate doesn’t have to mean literally shifting everything (physically) by yourself.

There is simply no need to be worried about all those miles in between you and your bike and your next destination.

Whatever the situation, Frontline Removals is here to help.

We are New South Wales’ trusted relocation specialists, and we have implemented a number of procedures over the years to ensure the smooth flow of our customers’ belongings to where they need to be.

Give us a call to talk about your next bike relocation.