Moving your home - What to do before the move

July 17, 2020


What to do before the move

When you're about to move home, it's important to follow a timeline so you aren't stressing on the day of the move. Here's our handy checklist to follow so you have a trouble-free moving experience.

Four weeks until the move

The first thing to do is book your move with the professionals at Frontline. This makes sure your move whether it's across the road or across the country is sorted ahead of time. We provide all the packing materials, transport, and logistics to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

At this stage, you should consider getting rid of unwanted stuff or belongings you no longer use. It could be as simple as looking what's been gathering dust. Hold a garage sale, sell the stuff online, or just give it away.

You should also begin migrating your records over to the new address; you should contact your insurance company, Medicare, your state road authority, the Electoral Roll, etc. to ensure your details are updated.

Two weeks until the move

Forward or redirect your regular subscriptions or memberships to your new address. You can also temporarily redirect your mail to a new address by contacting Australia Post or our team here. [link]

Contact Frontline to ensure we have your latest contact details and the numbers we'll use on the day.

Begin transferring your utilities to the new address; that means internet, gas, water, electricity, and landline telephone (if applicable.) You should not disconnect any phone or communication lines until the day of the move. Find out more at Frontline [link].

You should also pack an essentials kit. There's nothing worse than feeling sore and tired and hunting through boxes for your toothbrush. Think of it like you're staying in a cabin, pack towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, milk, bread, tea, coffee, and other necessities.

Begin to use up or discard what's in your pantry and freezer. You should also start packing non-essential items such as linens, out-of-season clothes, books, occasional furniture, and crockery, etc.

You should also do a thorough spring clean or hire a professional cleaner that specialises in end-of-lease cleaning. This means scrubbing bathrooms, cupboards, and other corners that usually don't get TLC. Get rid of any chemicals, paint, or fuels at this point.

One week until the move

This phase will see you dismantle your furniture, organise care for the kids or pets, and getting spare keys cut for the new place. It's also a good idea to arrange grocery delivery for the new place just to make life a whole lot easier.

The Day Before

Disconnect your stereo, audiovisual, and other electronic appliances at this point. Remember to take a photo of the back panels before you unplug to make re-connection in your new home easier. Write down any wi-fi passwords just in case.

Turn off your fridge and/or freezers. Make sure you have cleaned and emptied them.

You should also make sure that your neighbours will allow ample parking to make access for Frontline's removal trucks.

Have your essentials kit or overnight bag stored in your car or out of the way so the team at Frontline don't accidentally pack it in the truck!

Moving Day

Experience a stress-free moving day as the move coordinator and team organise and start moving your belongings to your new home. We can help you pack things up or we can handle the entire move for you. Need more time? We're flexible – we can accommodate to your schedule and needs.

Once everything's been listed, packed, and loaded, do a "sanity check" of the entire house and premises to ensure you've left nothing behind.

You should also get the beds into your new place first and make them up. Tackle the essential rooms first – the kitchen and the bathroom. Make sure you have those cleaning supplies handy because spills can and do happen!

Moving doesn't have to be stressful, so get the friendly professionals from Frontline to make moving easy. We have over 20 years' experience and are secure, safe, and cost-effective. Contact us for a quote on moving, shipping, and more below.