How To Organize Your Shipping Container Storage

January 18, 2021

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Whether you are in the East or West part of South Australia, there are shipping container storage options for you, even in Sydney! Self-storage is becoming the new normal for moving your belongings and storing extra equipment.

People are beginning to get more innovative with their storage containers; building cafes, and bike storage units. Haven’t got started with your shipping container storage? Don’t worry. You are not too late.

We have put together this blog to help you get organised when it comes to all things shipping container storage—no more tools laying around the house, or over-flowing office files. There are options for everyone.

Things we will cover are: - Why do shipping containers make good storage? - How to organise storage - Storage container ideas

Do Shipping Containers Make Good Storage?

Shipping containers are wonderful options for storing access equipment and overflowing furniture. Containers are highly durable and can withstand almost every kind of weather change. Containers are made durable for cargo shipping; therefore, the design is meant to handle harsh weather and sea to protect goods inside.

The advantage of having a container is the ability to easily transport it from your backyard to a shipping container storage yard if necessary. Having access to your belongings at all times is a convenient option, especially during renovations.

Aside from storage, for those who are looking to downsize homes, shipping containers have become a sustainable option that is easily reconstructible. The lifeline on shipping containers can be as high as 25 plus years with proper care and maintenance.

A container equipped with proper ventilation, weatherproofing, and moisture control tactics, is a viable option for storing fragile items and antique equipment made of wood. Storing mattresses and couches is safe and secure for a more extended time during different seasons.

A friendly reminder that when storing your mattress, ensure to have it in a plastic bag or wrapping for extra protection.

Storing your items in a storage container is now easier than ever with options available for delivery across the country right to your home, office-site, or shipping container storage yard.

10 Tips To Keep Your Shipping Container Storage Organised

1. Master Content List

While packing, renovating, moving, decluttering, and rearranging your space, anything can happen. From your favourite tools disappearing to misplacing a box of essential files. Failing to keep track of all your belongings can result in wasted time and money looking for items lost along the way.

Having an inventory list started from the very beginning can help keep you organised, save you time looking for specific items, and simply knowing where to find your stuff during the big move.

Here are simple things to include on an inventory list: Item, Description, Quantity, and Unit cost if necessary.

2. Shelving System

So you stacked five boxes on top of each other against the wall, behind a couch, and a lawnmower. Now you have to get into the bottom box of the five. When you get to the box, the item is no longer there, and some tools broke along the process.

What a waste of time. Avoid inconvenient reorganisation, accidental damage that costs you more money, and wasting time moving boxes again and again. Install a shelving unit that can store crates and items in a neat and efficient order to help you get to what you need.

3. Map Of Storage Container

Maps are especially helpful when you are working with a team of employees, or only for family use—having a visible plan of your storage unit is a vital safety precaution.

Having a planned exit route during a fire is a mandatory safety measure for yourself and others. Benefits also include the organisation of stored belongings, and a guide to help others find what they are looking for, and avoiding safety hazards due to falling items overhead, and faulty exit route.

4. Pathways Through Stored Items

One of the worst things is not having a plan when it comes to storing and organising your storage. When everything is away, you need to have access pathways to help get you to things that are located at the back of the container.

Another option is getting a container with side opening doors or double doors to have easier access to equipment. Again, having safe pathway access is crucial to abide by fire hazard regulations and protect yourself and others from accidents and inability to get to equipment due to excess stacking and storing.

5. Organised And Planned Layout

Since shipping containers are classified under 10A and 1A building structures in Australia, when you are planning to build or reconstruct your shipping container, you must have a floor plan to present to the Logan City Council.

This is a requirement to obtain your Developmental Permit. However, having a planned, organised layout is also helpful for removalists to come to finish the job of moving or packing, and having a clear plan to help guide a team of staff.

Having a clear idea of what is around can also help you prepare for weather changes, where to place your container, and abide council laws. (Example: drains in the area, water levels nearby, position and location of a container)

6. Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are excellent container self-storage organisation tools. If you are storing essential files, having a proper filing system can help keep your papers secure and weatherproof.

Remember, having proper ventilation and moisture control is vital to ensure items do not get ruined, have mould, or rust. Keep in mind; this applies to both shipping container self-storage and homes.

We recommend having desiccant bags placed on the walls of your container to help with moisture control levels to avoid mould and ruining your equipment. A cheap option is using cat litter.

7. Box Labels Visible From All Sides

Let’s get back to the basics with this one. When you walk into a storage unit full of boxes that are not labelled, how are you planning to find the tools you are looking for efficiently?

Make life easier by having appropriate labels on all the boxes. Have them correspond with your master content list for easier access and organisation.

We recommended using a label maker to have long-lasting, water-resistant, and clear to read labels for everybody. However, a permanent marker and pen will do as well. Ensure to have your boxes labelled on each side for quicker identification.

8. Easy Access Lids And Boxes

Having proper lids on your containers can both make life easier to get your stuff and also protect from debris, moisture damage, and handling.

The more efficient the boxes you choose, the more effortless and secure it becomes to store your belongings. We have found some durable boxes for you that are easily stackable and can keep your tools safe and secure during handling, moving, and storing.

Having the proper equipment to store your belongings is also a safety measure that protects you and your staff from falling items overhead and damage to expensive equipment due to falling and mishandling.

9. Storing Fragile Items

One of the more stressful tasks is moving and handing your fragile items when it comes to renovations and storing your equipment. Now that we went over labelling, boxes, and proper storage layouts, let us talk about the fragile items.

We have put together a list to help you get started with packing your fragile items ahead of time to keep you organised and stress-free.

Take good care and patience when storing your fragile items, ensure you have the right equipment and technique to protect your belongings.

10. Packing Bulky Items

You got your container and an office building full of heavy equipment and tools. There is you and nobody else around to move and organise your shipping container storage.

There is far more responsibility when moving heavy items all on your own, not to mention safety hazards. We have gathered some helpful information for you around packing, lifting, and how to protect your building from damage when moving heavy and bulky items.

Perhaps it is time to call a team of professionals to help you out.

Shipping Container Storage Ideas

Now that we have covered all things shipping container storage, perhaps you are looking into exploring other ideas about how you can convert your storage container. As a business looking for simple and efficient storage facilities for your new workshed, we have come up with five workshed ideas for you.

1. Shipping Container Barn

Perhaps you are looking to store a shipping container on your yard and somehow make it into a place where you can keep your farming tools or even feed livestock. A tip would be to cut a few openings on the side, and then you have a horse barn. Stacking containers can also be extra storage space or a hayloft.

2. Shipping Container Workshop

A shipping container workshop is a suitable option to create your shelving unit and make space for your work tools. This way, you can get started on your projects and have all that you need handy. All you need is a 40ft single shipping container, which will leave you with heaps of storage and room to get started on your work.

3. Motorcycle Shop

Using a 20 ft container will give you enough space to do maintenance on a single motorcycle while leaving enough room to make a comfortable mancave zone for you and your customers. This container option is an excellent choice to have a theme and design that Harley Davidson colour scheme.

4. Golf Simulator

Perhaps you are looking for a fun and creative office project to entertain your staff and work on your golf swing. For this project, you will need a 20ft or 40ft container, depends on the size of the golf course you want to have.

Cut out a side wall, install proper electrical work, choose some fake grass, and a net. This option has fewer bells and whistles than a simulator. However, you can still make space for storage on one half of the container by creating a mini-putt golf course on the other half.

5. Pop-Up Shops

While you are renovating or changing locations of your business, hiring a shipping container to open a pop-up shop is an option to have your business still running and staying organised.

You don’t have to lose sales or fail to run a fully functioning space for your business. A few tools, some paint, boxes, and you have yourself a smaller pop-up shop to serve your clients, stay organised, and focus on more important things; like running your business vs. construction.

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You can now get in touch with trusted professionals who primarily focus on excellent customer service, fulfilling your storage needs, and providing helpful information about all things storage and shipping containers.

Look no further, whether you are located in Sydney or Perth, there are shipping container storage delivery and options available to you today.

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